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Nougat making



Our nougat is made from fresh products: almond, honey and sugar using traditional methods in the workroom in Jijona (Alicante). The same recipe has been used since 1890. Almond is the main product in “turrón de Alicante” (hard nougat), “turrón de Jijona” (soft nougat), “Turronico” or “Guirlache” and other well-known varieties like “turrón a la piedra” (soft nougat with cinnamon and sugar but without honey), toasted yolk nougat, chocolate nougat, coconut nougat and other sweet things made with almonds, too.

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The Process step by step – Mixed


At the same time the honey and sugar mixture is cooked in a double-bottom container called “Mechanics“. A nougat-maker expert on honey controls the time which is necessary to mix and cook the mixture until the thickness and colour is satisfactory.
When the mixture is ready, the toasted almonds are added.

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The Process step by step – Cooking


The mixture it is left to settle in the nougat containers. The nougat-maker in charge takes it to the cooking container, where the mixture is cooked and then, the toasted almond cut into pieces is added and ground changing into: Fine soft Nougat or Granulated soft Nougat.