The history of Nougat

The origins

There are references that in the classical Greece was already used the mixture of almond and honey as a nutritious food. There are very old data on the use of almonds and honey in the elaboration of different sweets in Al-Andalus and North Africa populations.

The historians locate the origin of nougat in the Arabian peninsula on the basis of the theory on the mention of the "turun" in the Treaty "De medicinis et cibis semplicibus" from the 11th century written by an Arab physician.

Not to mention the Arab influence in the habit of make this dessert along the Mediterranean coast, especially in Spain and Italy.

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The first historical references written about the existence of turrón in Xixona are 16th century.

• The book "Anales y Documentos históricos sobre el turrón de Jijona" of D. Fernando Galiana Carbonell, official chronicler of Jijona says that before the 14th century already knew the nougat. The chef of the King Felipe II, Don Antonio Martínez, in his book "Conduchos de Navidad", literally says "in all houses of Jijona smells honey" since all was made of nougat.

• The alicantino Figueras Pacheco refers us to the Sevillian writer Lope de Rueda in his novel "Los lacayos" published in 1541 made mention of nougat: the plot of the work consists of a master TIFF with his servants because they have eaten his pound of turrones from Alicante who were on top of the desktop.

• The anonymous "Manual de mugeres", 16th century, brings the first recipe that preserves to make nougat.

• The "Crónica de la Muy Ilustre, Noble y Leal Ciudad de Alicante" by dean Bendicho written in 17TH century says, turrón Alicante commonly say that manufacturing is only of honey and almonds, seem white Jaspers cuts thereof.

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New varieties of Nougat

The master turroneros is proud to have preserved unaltered in time processes of elaboration the tardicional nougats variety. With the passage of time new varieties were added to the workshop as it is the case of Yema nougat.

The use of sugar as an ingredient in the preparation of nougat is 18th century, coinciding with the extensive cultivation of sugar cane on the American continent and the expansion and liberalization of trade with America in a number of Spanish ports, including the port of Alicante. This time is the Snow nougat and Guirlache nougat and later incorporated the varieties of Coconut and Marzipan Fruits.

The appearance of chocolate with Almond nougat is of early 20th century because since the arrival of cocoa in the 16th century in Spain it was only consumed as a drink.

Today we continue developing the nougat and marzipan in our workshop of Jijona, in the traditional manner, with the same dedication and the same recipe that in the 16th century, keeping the level of demand on the quality of our products

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