filigrana  Allergies

We are aware that our customers can have different types of allergy so we have established an iconography to indicate that products Turrones Ramos can take people affected by diabetes, coeliac disease and lactose intolerance.



Artisan nougat made without sugar (sweetened with maltitol)..

The varieties of sugar-free products:

• Jijona Granulated
• Alicante
• Chocolate with almonds


Coeliac disease

All candies are suitable for coeliacs. Wafer cakes Alicante is made from potato starch and has no trace.

The products are NOT suitable for coeliac:

• Stuffed Almonds
• Polvorones
• Casca de batata
• Glorias y yemas
• Pan de Cádiz
• Walnuts with marzipan
• Walnuts fondant
The marzipan figures do not contain gluten but may contain trace.


Lactose intolerance

Our nougat, marzipan and polvorones not contain lactose
BUT two nougats are made with milk:

• Chocolate with Almonds nougat
• Sugar-free chocolate nougat

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